About us

Based in the centre of the Mediterranean, Malta, Micallef Fisheries has been in the fishing industry for more than fifteen years.  The business was founded by Dennis, Antoine and Renato who are the present directors of the company.


The business started off 17 years ago when the 3 brothers took over a small shop in Mosta previously known as Joe’s Fish Shop and expanded this shop to a leading fish shop in the centre of Malta known as Micallef Fish Shop.  They continued growing and building a strong presence in the Maltese Island where they were forced to close the shop in order to grow further and start operating from their stores.


Way back in the old days when our ancestors would go on their small “dghajsa”, fish was considered a cheap meal as fish was relatively inexpensive compared to other food products. Today, fish is considered a healthy food and is highly recommended in first class restaurants and by caterers for all celebrations.


Our Mission:

  • to offer the consumer a choice of quality, variety and freshness;
  • to provide our clients with the best customer service possible;
  • to build a brand equity in our products and by doing so the consumer will make Micallef Fisheries their brand of choice.